Kerala 5 N / 6 D - 11,555/-

Rajasthan 7 N / 8 d - 18,500/-

Thailand 4 N / 5 D - 21,999/-

Singapore 3 N / 4 D - 39,999/-

Who We Are 

We would like to present you our Company, Since the beginning of 2005 it is qualified with serious approach in the field of travel & tourism, which makes TRAVELSCAPES different and gains the trust from lot of corporate consumers in Mumbai.

You Travel in peace and Leave the rest to us………….Our Motto.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide Quality and Excellence to our customers promptly and exclusively. All the agents at TRAVELSCAPES are professionals and masters of their segment and each brings with him/her a unique set of experience adding value to the traveler's overall experience to the country. To put it simple words, we know what a traveler anticipates and more than that we know what it takes to satisfy them.


Experience helps everywhere, in understanding people coming from all around the Globe. We take care of every individual traveler by providing him personalized services. With an open mind, initially we assist you in designing exactly the type of holiday you are looking for. We pride ourselves on our prompt communication, so you can make decisions about your holiday and finalize flight arrangements without delay.

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