Italy. This word is like a magic spell that opens up the treasures of so many words related to it. Immediately your mind hops on to so many things… pizza, pasta, the funny Italian salt guy, their chefs, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italian jokes, and the list is simply endless! No doubt it is called, Bel Paese! A nickname rightly earned by Italy which translates to ‘Beautiful Country’. Italy will welcome you with its charming cobblestone streets, architecturally rich cities and delicious cuisine.

Italy is all that and yet so much more. It is the land of colourful past and surreal landscapes that trace a skyline like none other. Italy is one of the rare countries that left a mark on the world, which is everlasting and immortal in time! Italy is truly a land of thriving food culture, ancient Roman civilizations, exquisite architecture and remarkable landmarks that define the character and soul of its charming cities. Discover the beautiful Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Venice to make incredible memories.

Climate & Weather

Located in southern Europe, Italy shares history with all its neighbours and is one of the most popular destinations of this continent. Bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along with an enclave with San Marino and the Vatican, Italy paints an acoustic significance on the map of Europe. Known to be one of the largest European countries in the Mediterranean, Italy has distinctive geological specimens that make this nation, a traveller’s hub.

In addition to the links to so many countries, Italy has no doubt several historical and cultural influences over many! Moreover, the weather pattern is divided into four main seasons including, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Thereby, making Italy, an all year round destination. There will always be something unique to be offered every season. When you travel along with any of our Italy holiday packages, there’s so much to live for in Italy that experiencing it only once wouldn’t be enough.

What to Expect


Italian culture has always been observed to be drenched in the arts, architecture, music and cuisine. Home to the majestic Roman Empire, Italy has a huge contribution to the history of Europe and thereby, on the history of the world too. Famed for being the major centre of the Renaissance, culture on the Italian peninsula flourished for centuries and left its immortal mark on the legacies of the history. The Italian cuisine especially made a significant mark on the world as it went entirely global, collecting so many followers on the way. Italy is indeed a paradise for foodies. The undeniable lip smacking array of options that the cuisine offers are remarkable. Above all, it has lured in the food travellers in this country over and over again. Historically important sites that display the evolution of Italian traditions and culture still stand strong to let the visitor witness it.


Experiences in one of the world’s most popular tourist destination are so many that it will leave you spoilt for choice. Renowned for its rich emotions and artistic treasures, Italy has lured in travellers at ease for centuries. This distinctively stunning nature has all kinds of experiences to offer which can match every kind of traveller. Italy has it all and more, right from cuisine to dance, or traditional attire to Italian music, all of it, only to leave you spellbound. Experience the romance of Rome as the sun is setting and the lights go up on the monuments along with Italy holiday packages. Experience the gondola capital of Venice through the beautiful lanes of romance. Let history come alive in the land of Pisa. After all, whatever is your reason for exploration, Italy will match your choice!